Publikationen der Arbeitsgruppe Laser- und Plasmaphysik


Nr. Jahr Paper
2015 F. Mackel, S. Ridder , J. Tenfelde , T. Tacke , H. Soltwisch
Evolution of plasma loops in a semi-toroidal pinch experiment
Physics of Plasmas 22, 042502 (2015)
2014 J. Tenfelde, F. Mackel, S. Ridder, T. Tacke, P. Kempkes and H. Soltwisch
Apex Expansion of Magnetized Plasma Loops in a Laboratory Experiment
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 56, 055011 (2014)
2013 S. Ridder, F. Mackel, J. Tenfelde, P. Kempkes and H. Soltwisch
FlareLab: Short time-scale diagnostics for rapidly moving magnetic flux tubes
Contributions to 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics in Espoo (2013)
2013 F. Mackel, P. Kempkes, J. Tenfelde, S. Ridder and H. Soltwisch
Triple probe measurements benchmarked by interferometry in a pulsed-power plasma
Contributions to Plasma Physics 53, No.1, 33-38 (2013)
2012 J. Tenfelde, P. Kempkes, F. Mackel, S. Ridder, H. Stein, T. Tacke and H. Soltwisch
On the relevance of magnetohydrodynamic pumping in solar coronal loop simulation experiments
Physics of Plasmas 19, 072513 (2012)
2011 F. Mackel, P. Kempkes and H. Soltwisch
Electrostatic probe measurements in a pulsed-power plasma and comparison with interferometry
Meas. Sci. Technol. 22, 055705 (2011)
2010 H. Soltwisch, P. Kempkes, F. Mackel, H. Stein, J. Tenfelde, L. Arnold, J. Dreher and R. Grauer
FlareLab: early results
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 52, 124030 (2010)
2010 P. Kempkes, F. Mackel, H. Stein, J. Tenfelde and H. Soltwisch
Electron density measurements in rapidly moving pulsed-power plasmas by means of a CO2 laser interferometer
Meas. Sci. Technol. 21, 125701 (2010)
2010 P. Kempkes, F.Mackel and H. Soltwisch
Electron density measurement in a pulsed-power plasma by FIR laser beam deflection and/or interferometry
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 227, 012046 (2010)
2009 P. Kempkes and H. Soltwisch
Plasma series resonance in the E mode of low-pressure inductively coupled noble gas discharges
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42, 085206 (2009)
2008 L. Arnold, J. Dreher, R.Grauer, H. Soltwisch, and H. Stein
Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamical simulation of expanding magnetic flux ropes
Phys. Plasmas. 15, 042106 (2008)
2006 S. V. Singh, P. Kempkes, H. Soltwisch
Electron energy distribution function close to the mode transition region in an inductively coupled Gaseous Electronics Conference reference cell
Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 161501 (2006)
2006 I. Möller, A. Serdyuchenko and H. Soltwisch
Analysis of the chemistry in CH4/O2 plasmas by means of absorption spectroscopy and a simple numerical model
J. Appl. Phys. 100, 033302 (2006)
2006 P. Kempkes, S. V. Singh, C. Pargmann, H. Soltwisch
Temporal behaviour of the E to H mode transition in an inductively coupled argon discharge
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 15, 378-383 (2006)
2005 C. Pargmann, S. V. Singh and H. Soltwisch
A simple far-infrared laser interferometer for measuring electron densities in reactive low-temperature plasmas
Rev. Sci. Instr. 76, 113506 (2005)
2004 A. Serdioutchenko, I. Möller and H. Soltwisch
Infrared diode laser absorption spectroscopy of C2H2 and C2H6 in capacitively coupled methane discharges
Spectrochimica Acta, Part A 60, 3311-3318 (2004)
2003 I. Möller and H. Soltwisch
Formation of carbon oxides in CH4/O2 plasmas produced by inductively coupled rf discharges at low pressure
Int. Cong. Plasma Phys. 15-19 July 2002. - In: AIP Conf. Proc. (USA). - Sydney, NSW, Australia, USA: AIP, no. 669 (2003) p.56-9
2001 C. Busch, I. Möller and H. Soltwisch
Experimental investigation of the chemistry in a capacitively coupled hydrocarbon/oxygen radio frequency discharge
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 10, 250-259 (2001)
2000 C. Busch, I. Möller and H. Soltwisch
Some Aspects of the Chemical Kinetics of a Reactive Molecular Plasma
Contributions to Plasma Physics 40, 81-85 (2000)
1997 C. Busch and H. Soltwisch
IR Absorption Spectroscopy in Reactive Plasmas: System Design and Preparatory Experiments
Proc. 8th Int. Symp. on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics, Doorwerth, The Netherlands, 22-26 Sept. 1997, p.151-156
1997 C. Busch and H. Soltwisch
Investigation of reactive rf-plasmas by infrared absorption spectroscopy and Thomson scattering
Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics II, Bad Honnef 17.02.1997 - 21.02.1997, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Plasmaphysik (APP), p. 107-109 (1997)
1997 K. Itoh, S.-I. Itoh, H. Soltwisch and H. R. Koslowski
Generation of toroidal current sheet at sawtooth crash
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 39, 1033-1039 (1997)
1997 H. Soltwisch and H.R. Koslowski
Observation of magnetic field pertubations during sawtooth activity in tokamak plasmas
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 39, A341-A349 (1997)
1996 H. Soltwisch
Introduction to diagnostics
Transactions of Fusion Technology 29, 319-323 (1996)
1996 H. Soltwisch
Transactions of Fusion Technology 29, 62-67 (1996)
1996 H.R. Koslowski, H. Soltwisch and W. Stodiek
Polarimetic measurements of m = 1 sawtooth precurser oscillators in the TEXTOR tokamak
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 38, 271-278 (1996)