List of Posters

Number Name Title Room
P01 Xiaozhong Chen Efficient plasma-catalysis coupling in fluidized-bed DBD reactor for CO2 Hydrogenation 1
P02 Yuki Iwata Oxygen radical measurement in Ar/O2 atmospheric pressure microwave line plasma 1
P03 Kakeru Uchimido Influence of voltage pulse interval on bipolar corona discharge and electrostatic elimination 1
P04 Lars Schücke The role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species on the conversion of volatile organic compounds in a twin surface dielectric barrier discharge 1
P05 2
P06 Steffen Schüttler Characterization of a Capillary Plasma Jet for Plasma-driven Biocatalysis 2
P07 Felix Fuchs Microbial inactivation using cold atmospheric plasmas 2
P08 Christoph Stewig Plasma catalytic synergies of a non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jet and MnO2 surface catalyst 2
P09 3
P10 Ryo SAITO Development of Compact Resonant High Voltage Pulse Generator Driven by SiC-MOSFET and Its Uses for Discharge Generation 3
P11 Ayman Abdelaziz A novel upscaling approach for launching a wide, stable, and uniform cold plasma jet 3
P12 Patrick Preissing Density distributions of NO in the effluent of a μAPPJ and the influence of surfaces 3
P13 Niklas Nawrath Influence of oxygen and water vapour admixtures on the chemical modifications of cysteine in Ar and He based plasmas 4
P14 Dae-Yeong Kim CO2 hydrogenation over Pd2Ga/SiO2 alloy catalysts boosted by plasma-activated vibrationally excited CO2 4
P15 Jan Durian Modelling and Experimental Study of Radio-Frequency Plasma Penetration into Structured Surface Features 4
P16 Elia Jüngling Streamers of negative nanosecond pulsed plasmas in water 4
P17 Yoshinobu Inagaki Depth profile of hydrated electrons below the plasma-water interface 5
P18 Yuki Kunishima Measurement of nitrogen vibrational distribution in Non-Self-Sustaining DC discharge plasma source 5
P19 Fatima Jenina Arellano Evaluation of OES line ratios using Particle-in-Cell/Monte Carlo Collision Simulation coupled with a Collisional Radiative Model 5
P20 Sebastian Dzikowski Electric field strengths in a micro cavity plasma array measured by Stark shifting and splitting of Helium 5
P21 ZHENYU WEI Two-Dimensional Simulation of atmospheric single-filament streamer with finite element method 6
P22 Enggar Alfianto Depth profiles of dominant chemical reactions in a plasma-irradiated NaCl solution obtained from reaction-transport simulation 6
P23 Masakazu Ichikawa Construction of a surrogate model of low-temperature plasma profiles by machine learning 6
P24 Youfan He Zero-dimensional simulations of He/N2(v58)/O2(v41) microscale atmospheric-pressure plasma jets: Validation with a focus on NO density 6
P25 Sung-Hwa Hwang Low-stress Diamond-like carbon films containing carbon nanoparticles 7
P26 Anjar Anggraini Harumningtyas Effects of primary amines formed by low-pressure pulsed plasma on bone regeneration and numerical study of amine formation using MD simulation 7
P27 Ikumi Hamaguchi Conductive carbon deposition by surface wave plasma with high voltage pulse biasing 7
P28     7